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Update the firmware of FLUX Delta Family



  • Ken Yoo

    I just updated FStudio with v0.2.11A and firmware with v1.0b15.

    My Flux is well connected in Wifi.

    When I operate Print or Change Filament in MY DEVICE name, it says Firmware Outdated, Install new one, all the time.

    Therefore I cannot do anything.

    What's going on here? Please advise.


    Best regards,




  • blas israel morales tudon

    i had the  same problem.

    i clicked at the device icon  at the top right corner. it  somehow worked kinda straightforward.

    what i know, is that it popped an search file option. i open from there  the  .fxfw file -which i have already downloaded and saved on my hard drive-  and got the "your device us updated" message and got it fixed.

    you may want to check from there hehe.  hope it helps


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