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Troubleshooting: Cannot detect FLUX Delta through Wi-Fi



  • Luan Luu

    1. My Flux has a solid green light ON.

    2. My PC wake from sleep with USB connection between PC and Flux printer.

    3. Start Flux Studio 0.2.7 and select Device Monitor and No Flux Device detected.

    4. Restart PC and start Flux Studio and Flux Device detected successfully.

  • Asset Begaliyev


    I have conected my Flux to the internet using guides. And green light is solid. Unplugged usb. And the flux software does not see the device. It says to check network. Network is ok, can't understand why it does not see
    Tried on Mac and Pc. Both doesn't see

  • Aaron Standridge

    Be sure that your PC is using the actual wifi as well. I assumed that once the Flux was set up for the wifi, my PC's wired connection would be fine since they were going through the same router, but I had to plug a USB wifi adapter into my PC and join my local wireless network before the Flux software could find my Flux printer.  It's possible there is some nuance I'm missing that makes this a false positive, but it worked where nothing else did.


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