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Troubleshooting: Unable to uninstall FLUX Studio on Windows



  • Sha

    This folder does not exist in my windows installation.  I am unable to unnstall Flux 

  • Roman Habrat

    Looking for "FLUX Studio" is successful, contrary to hexadecimal strings given earlier. Thank you.

  • Chris Kramer

    I'm not finding that folder under Windows 7 either. The first folder for Flux Studio (0.2.7) I turn up is '8C81F174FB1464841A9EB2C290221947'.

    There are a number of additional entries that refer back to this value, including the slic3r version installed by the app.

    Once the above key was deleted, the new program version 0.2.9 seems to install okay. (I had terminated the uninstall process from task manager when it came up with the uninstall error to prevent it from restoring what ever it did manage to remove.)

  • fred ungewitter

    I have not yet tried the above process. I'd like an opinion from someone skilled in this field about using a registry cleaner to accomplish the removal of old Flux entries. I've been using CCleaner for many moons with great success when presented with problems of this nature.

    It is typical in the computer world to suggest that registry cleaning is dangerous but CCleaner has a good reputation for not causing problems, and I can confirm that from years of doing so.

    I'll be upgrading perhaps today, and will install CCleaner to see how the process runs out.

    I've found that it's wise to click "Yes" when CCleaner asks to back up the registry before removing any items it has located. When the first set is purged, I usually have to run it two to four more times to clear out stragglers. For those, I don't back up the registry, as it was all backed up in the first block.

    After a day of uneventful use of the computer, I then delete the backed up registry file, as it's just clutter.



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